Wednesday, November 04, 2009

recognition -

Wonderful to have recognition for doing what you love...

This blog was listed by online colleges under 100 Great Web Sites For Poetry Lovers. I'm proud and honored, especially since they only listed 20 blogs!

Today for the first time I noticed listed this blog and dubblex's on their blog roll. This is also a very entertaining blog. The editor first discovered DubbleX's flyer and wrote about it here.

Another surprise, found Joy's Poetry Blog on litkicks through my statcounter this instant and am dancing in my chair!

Also got an email yesterday from an online adult learning resources site that wanted to post an add in my archives under a short post titled Changes and paid me $200 for it. This particularly suits me as I am a great believer in the power of education.

This is heaven!

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  1. Of course Joy, you show an unnusual level of commitment to your work and from what I can gather a fair level of consistency in your level of production. All of this has to pay off sometime. I think your open hearted approach and interest in other writers and poets also means that the good vibrations you send into the world of poetry in general have to come back again to you. Some people call this good Karma. I do believe we attract the same energies we give out. x