Tuesday, December 09, 2008


A year ago I wouldn't have believed it if someone told me what I'd be doing now. Time keeps passing whether you stay where you are or keep moving. I had a general 5 year plan that I'd been faithfully following and for some part that stayed in place. The part that stayed in place included keeping up my retirement annuity and leaving my job. I didn't plan on the following things:
loving DubbleX & finding out he's crazy & staying with him
leaving my husband in spite of loving him
plus having other reasons to leave my husband & preferring not to be with him
adopting out Mocha, a rescued Siamese I'd had 5 years
Keeping 2 of Starr's babies
Losing 40 pounds without trying to & joining a gym
Spending $40,000 of my retirement money on various things and spending more money to pay off old debts
Living on my pension
Losing half of our combined savings from our marriage because of the economy & being more poor than I've been in years
being this active on facebook
keeping up blogs for 2


P.S. Dubble-wow reading this again a year later and I'm glad to seem time and myself moving on - still trying to be and do the best that I can!!!!


  1. That's amazing, Joy. Just to have a five-year plan is quite mind-boggling: as somebody who can't do more than live day to day, I'm really impressed!

  2. joy this is very real and I have to commend you on your openness, if contemporary poetry is to have any substance at all it needs to be based on the real thing, what sticks out in the read for me is the attachment to the 'american dream (for e.g)' which maybe anticipates retirement but never anticpates everything after that point, the days start getting longer after Dec 21, patience is everything I think, great read

  3. Remember John Lennon's wisdom "Life is what happens while you're making other plans," with your plan's wash with sea salt.

    My plans went way south about five years ago. Luckily I've been thrifty awhile now. I'm still here where I want to live holding on tooth n nail biting.

    I never thought I'd work at a food factory, the artist I am on hold, hostage for the rent. But the people I've met up with- wouldn't trade them for anyone else! I couldn't have ever concieved this in my plan!

    There are blessings on every path, whether or not we choose it- we just prefer to have power over the choosing!