Thursday, November 06, 2008


He’s an infaturation
a soft warm breeze
blowing by and maybe
now my husband blurts out
you want to hear
everything he says

then continues in his
rapid staccato speech
maybe now it all
seems so interesting
an interruption
in the flow of your life

Later, my husband adds
on to his diatribe, and tells
me I will tire of all the new
things my new love confides
which now make me feel so good

After all, he said, you’re tired
of your best friend’s shit
and everyone else’s
I replied, yeah I guess so
So I’ll probably get tired
of him too after 30 years or so

You know what I mean
he says, smirking in
response to my smirk
you’d be happy too
if Billy Collins made
you his protege

Yes I would I said
But I’m not Billy Collins


  1. wickedly sharp! LOVE the ending!

  2. Joy, you are MY Billy Collins.

    I am so falling more and more for your wonderful poems. I just read your Bleach Spot, magnificent. I will try to make the rest of the ones on your Poetry Sampler site last, if I can control myself from rushing headlong through them in one sitting.

    I actually posted a poem today. Who knew?

  3. What a way to say it... ypou sparkle!

    "if Billy Collins made
    you his protege

    Yes I would I said
    But I’m not Billy Collins"

    Yoo-hoo for this poem! And am so glad to have you back on FB.

  4. Great poem, Joy. Long live infatuation!

  5. really enjoyed this joy (or Billy Collins maybe) ... great read

  6. Nice poem! Love your free verse. (I have a perpetual fascination for free verse, and tend to like writers who write in it.)
    BTW, the comment in the other poem I kinda half-wrote for this one! Sorry, a bit confyoozion prevailed!