Tuesday, September 23, 2008

THAT FLAIR by dubblex & Joy

Room for exploration
want to touch every part of your body
like I was running for president
your body is the nation
want all parts of you to vote
for my sexual sensation
I saw something there
beyond the clothes you wear,
that sexy glare
something there you were unaware
you possessed this flair
wanted to share this brown skin
with your fair short red hair
and matching trim
so fine and fair that short red hair
I had to get to know you better
And I can’t figure out why
Whose ticket do I have to pay
To get to know which play
Comes next in this game
It can’t always be the same
I won’t always be this tame
I can catch this moment of fame


  1. You've both got that flair. I dig it!

  2. I like the work in two parts!

    the president-nation link....i think it is connected to stimulus around u :)

    hear america is buzzing with the election! and i think it is obama winning (on second thought I dont think this is the right place to commment on this)

    secondly the minor hint tat sexuality either fades away or becomes boring is appealing to me... i am too young for this but somehow it seems correct!

    i may have misunderstood...pls point tat out if so