Thursday, March 22, 2007

Harold Hunter

I met Harold when he attended Seward Park HS. He and I hit it off (I was one of the counselors there) but he was assigned to someone else. I asked the other counselor to let me see Harold instead of him seeing Harold since they didn't have a relationship anyway. The counselor said "If you want to but he's never here." I managed to see quite a lot of Harold and learn a lot about him. Harold had a very hard life and I related to that, having had a very hard life myself. He was such a fantastic kid and so friendly. He had the biggest personality. I later met his brother when his brother was at a GED program and his brother was a very talented artist. He drew great comics.

I remember once running into Harold when I was with my son, and being proud to introduce him, because Harold was the type of guy anyone would have been proud to know. After that, I ran into Harold infrequently and when ever I did, he always spent time chatting and telling me what was new in his life.

It's no wonder I found myself crying after I got to work, I just couldn't stop the tears and contain myself. And it was probably meant for me to meet that young man I met this morning on the train who told me Harold was dead. I just began talking to the guy because he had a skateboard and it reminded of Harold back in the day. Actually Harold had been on my mind lately because I always ran into him around NY. I had been thinking seeing him is way overdue. I'm so sorry - it's a loss to our world and a reminder that we are all only visitors here of our own demise.


  1. Anonymous1:11 AM

    Hey, Joy...I'm sorry about Harold Hunter...both of you were very lucky to have met each other...and you were definitely meant to meet that young man on the train who told you about him..Harold made sure you knew why seeing him was made sure to honor knowing him...I'm very sorry for your loss. Our loss...with love, Haydee.

  2. Anonymous12:32 PM

    bumped into your heartwarming eulogy by accident while i was scanning your poetry - which is amazing, by the way. just the other day i was talking to some kids at the HS where i teach and Harold's name came up. they spoke of him with awe and reverence. just proves the adage that each generation has it's own heroes. you should count your blessings to have known the person and not just the persona.

  3. Anonymous4:09 PM

    I met Harold in the Ville At the old Cube he tried to teach me to skate which didnt turn out to well lol anyone who knew him knew they were lucky to have him as a friend and he is truly loved and missed