Tuesday, November 18, 2008


People grope at the shaman in me
My eyes mirror yours
I interpret your feelings into words
Words you can’t say emerge from me
Give me your hand to make the pain go away
Don’t get scared when you see what I do
Mostly I put me in your shoes
Your feelings resonate and jive with me
I absorb & neutralize your negativity
Filtered by a pure white light to glimpse the other side of a long winding tunnel
I seek out the gory of your story like a vampire devouring blood
Those in need find me
I’m there for the taking
I know your story instinctively
You pretend you’re hunky dory but I see you
Compulsively grasp your inner need
It’s all transitory anyway
Let me provide shelter from the storm
Peace, freedom from anxiety
Let me invade your dreams, your psyche
Relieve you from burning sensations, the flame inside
I can heal you … invade the space inside you ~ your solitude,
Heal your inner glow your flow
Make you drowsy, thirsty for my spell
You’ll be healed by my garden of secrets if you let me touch you
I will heal your wounds, the sound as
My energy courses through your veins
the holiness of the moment we embrace
Harmony fills the empty space
Replaces your resistance
Let me heal you with my inner light
Nuture your might to get it right
I can’t resist your grasp, your pull
I will help you…


  1. wow, this reads like a mantra from the Vedas, a chant offered to the soul. The realistic phrasal turn of "gory from your story" make it flesh-and-blood, an invocation to desire and the urge to bring on something concrete. Reminds me of certain rain-mantra I had read in an English translation by the old forgotten historian Gordon Childe. Lovely!
    Joy I am happy to see you back. Hoep you are feeling well.

  2. Does this take a lot out of you to do?

    Or does it make you whole too?

  3. They say, "When the pupil is ready, the teacher will appear" and this poem reached me at a moment when I was in dire need of such words of wisdom and comfort. I don't know how you do it, Joy, but thank God you do.

  4. As I read your poem it crossed my mind that you were really seeing me. at the end I was split open and what's in me naked in your eyes. but your sweet compassion
    put things back together. I felt renewed. thanks Joy

  5. I know that you see me
    And yet, if you possess the power to see me
    You also possess the compassion that goes along with
    So rest assured, that you can see me, doesn't unnerve me
    In fact, I revel in your seeing me
    In the fact that someone knows me for what I really am
    And still but accepts me
    I know you could accept anything but anything
    Your judgment is best, because it is not judgment, it is compassion, and thus transcends judgment