Sunday, August 09, 2009

The eye in my sky is crying - bluetry16

The eye in my sky is crying
See my fears roll down the street
Tears allayed by stares in space
A cell phone in hand, no dial tone, a blues band commands my adrenal glands
Understand it’s my wedding band, not a new brand of incense,
I take a firm stand on a crash land course stuck in the meadowlands of York
Passion fruit seeps from my sweat glands
Swerving into oblivion on the freeway, an alien shaman ~ that’s me
An alligator devoured my right hand – Now I have 2 left feet left
Beauty is nothing but a backdrop for the blues
We all want beauty peace a little food and empathy
I keep trying and failing to decompartmentalize; an exemplary fit
Lost my wit – cut it out stupid twit see what’s writ do as befits,
I observe others fare better
The eye in my sky reflects humanity’s tears their fears that life can’t be any better or go anywhere except to all one place eventually
Do you want to be easily forgot, your family there
A score or two more no one will know you
Damn give your shell to charity
No formaldehyde either, please.
I use the excuse I’m Jewish; bury me green please
I keep saying son it will pass you by before we come noon to sun
Is this how you want to spend your last day
My man loves his drugs
Almost as much or more than me
He gets them easily supercalifragilisticexpialidociouslly,
Tons of prescriptions legally
His drugs do him right
Momentarily maniacal he says he’s feelin’ so tight
I see him in a new light struggling to write
Doctrinally following clinical struggles, a mix of Geodon, Ambien Lamogine,
To name a few - some are noxious others only for allergies
Billy Jean’s not his lover; enervated after meds
no more energy when he’s through throw some synergy into the fray
Walking up Bombay Broadway
Brings me back to tears rolling down the street
I refuse to admit defeat repeat it all again and again
The eye in my sky is crying

Dubblex on Guitar & garageband


  1. uff!! the raw sadness beats though each line so like a heart racing to keep time.

  2. this is very cool joy, very cool

  3. I really enjoyed this work. It was interesting. I found your blog through Face book. I have 3 unpublished books of poetry also. I'd gladly share piece with the audience if anyone is interested.

    Below is a verse, from my book "Stranger In a Knowing Land' I have (3) blogs, none of which is poetry but I do love to write. I am on facebook or can be contacted through email at

    "Fall against the rugged pines which lean in for the night, always listening to quiet whispers- felt in the battle between haste and clearing a way.
    "rush on..! or just smile for the moment. Rememebre it wasn't just yesterday that brought you here,
    or soneone's endearing charm,
    But you, unlike anyone you know, sees spirits in terms of opportunity,
    and climbing,
    without the threat of harm."

  4. Hi Joy,

    beautiful piece this. Some stunning lines in there too, such as:
    "bury me green please" - the repetition of the vowel sound and the abstract idea rendered into colour is superb.


  5. RĂ³1:05 PM

    hi joy, I´m new here, but really enjoy your words...great

  6. Liked it loads. The crying eye in the sky is an image stuck in my mind since quite some time and here I see it again in your poem.
    Very much the idea of "the tear-drop of the Muse in Heaven".

  7. hey joy !!
    Nicely expressed ...
    every single line full of intense emotions.