Sunday, November 02, 2008

Not Everything Fits

We need a small plastic bin to fit all those loose wires in
The loose wires of our lives; how we live in sin
According to the laws of some men
Hey take ten, who made you fit to judge
I’m not in your league and your pledge to change humanity into fixed little square or round pegs doesn't slide with me
You can't make me fit your dimensions
I'm not an item of suspicion to be under investigation for a crime I didn't commit
One size for all, none fit me
I 'm not under your regulations
sorry I'm not part of those guidelines
I know who I am I am who I am I know who I am do you
I’m not bootleg, I'm for real
Don't try to make me fit one of your square or round pegs
I’m not under your domination
Seek another nomination to fit your criteria
Don’t pretend I’m inferior
I'm good, I'm good...
I know who I am who I am who I am


  1. This is beautiful...

    bin, sin, men, ten give a rhyme to the first four lines... how, i am still wondering?

    i just couldn't help coming up with this quip...may be an alternate title...

    "One size for all, none for me"

  2. You go, Girl!

    What a gift to know who you are.

    I like how this started out. Then changed almost to a rap. I was jamming to it. Cool.

  3. Very well-articulated... right, this has a rapping quality all along. Joy, would you read it out please? Will be so much fun to hear the reading of this pithy piece!

  4. What a great poem! Thank you!

  5. Anonymous1:51 AM

    love this joy, great poem, like the feel of this

  6. Great read Joy, enjoyed it muchly, thanks!!

  7. As everyone can see I took Tanuj's line for me; it fit. Sometimes it does & sometimes it doesn't.
    that's life.
    Thanks Tanuj!

  8. Oh Joy! This fits so much with the things in my life. I am divorced and always felt like I had to do and say what others expected me to. Now that I am not married, I have been living outside of that box - which I have had for many years considered myself (living in a box.) Sometimes it's hard, but it's worth leaving the box! Even my best friend agrees with me, and when I feel like giving up she will actually say, "Don't go back inside your box!"