Sunday, November 30, 2008


Am I proud to be jewish -
I am and I’m not,
I don’t know I guess

I’m proud of being jewish
because being jewish means
to be educated & literary
in certain circles,
you know what I mean
I know they had tough jews
my father sat on the cusp of that realm
on the outskirts of the jewish mafia

nd ... I suppose...I’m as liberated -
nd as free as one would want to be
or can imagine to be in this society
or any other, again, I suppose
But you asked me
Am I proud to be a jew

I am but when people make disparaging remarks
such as jews are cheap
or you killed jesus
jesus please forgive me;
I wasn’t born yet to suffer for ur sins

so I ask you; if jesus died for ur sins
then forgive me please
and if he died for mine
forgive me again please
but remember jesus is my forefather
and I do follow his path
being an upstart and all
runs in my family
saying what I mean, and doing what I say -
follows jesus also and is why he died for our sins
Isn’t it?

Jesus was an upstart and so am I
our big and honest mouths get us in trouble
So much time wasted arguing & fussing
when we’re all visitors here of our own demise.


  1. I quite liked the poem. Cannot exactly place it, though. I believe America is a very religious society, then?

  2. not intended to be funny at all... like a previous work on being Jewish...

    But it perhaps asks the correct question ...albeit accepting the stereotypes as they are!

  3. Thank you for inviting me to your network!
    I feel this poem at quite a deep level - even though I'm not Jewish. I think Jesus would have an issue with people saying that the Jews killed him, when it was the Romans - or more accurately, the politicians of the day. And I think he'd have empasized with this poem - being another upstart and all that! Great work!

    Marit (aka Anna Reiers)