Thursday, October 23, 2008

Double Helix & Ira Lightman's public art works

Ira Lightman made an initial text art for a sheet of glass, then Dan Civico remade it as a wave of glass, and oak to get the 3D of it all. Dan took Ira's acetate printout, literally cut that up with scissors and made a much LESS symmetrical shape that Ira had then to rework the text into...

Turns out water in a river makes just this double-helix motion. Uncanny.

Photos by Eddie Galvin


  1. That's very creative and interesting. Never seen anything like that before! The pics are so full of color and sunshine -- make me wanna be in NY :(

  2. It's really, really cool.

    We have a neat original structure / sculpture / whatzit outside our local Blanton Museum. I should post some pix of it, o Poetry Maven of NY, NY.

  3. Love the art!! It loks very interactive.. like that especially.

  4. Anonymous12:53 AM

    Ira is such a talent, his works are fresh and creative.

  5. that drug baby calls time and again
    it was always hers, no chance later
    but to do the same. God Bless

  6. i like the big objekt made out of wood and glas
    it look´s very interessting and vreative