Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Desires Proliferate

Live in the closet of my love.
Live together in love
Live alone in society
Live in the lap of luxury.
Live on the dark side of time
Live in reality and live in a fantasy world
Create regions of legions in my mind
Dream conversations that never occur
My mind is a blur
Anticipate reversal, life’s controversial
June frost instead of blooms
A foreboding sense of doom looms
Casts a spell and dispels the gloom,
Sweep the room of yesterdays away
Use a brand new red broom to chase away my blues

Friday, July 07, 2017

Freedom Rings Righteously

Make your own reality
Make it more than fealty
Give you your guarantee
You have my loyality
It’s ok, we’re not royality
Anyone can be an appointee for all it’s value
Be absentee for all its worth
Stand there and set yourself free
We all want to be free too
See the world
How many feel free, are free because we want to be free
How can we be free?
Do we leave society …
Follow the whoremongers, degenerates and warmongers running society
If you set yourself free and I can be me and you can be who you want to be as long as it’s safe
Don’t want to go up against the law, stay within the law, be free inside of me ~
free to be the best me I can be
I want world’s reality to be better than ever
This song is a prayer to make our world better

May the lord above and spirits guide us to heal, be righteous with ourselves and others, order ourselves never to presuppose – truth is different to each of us
I hear if I want to be free I can be but is it reality
Do we each make our reality as advertised

Life makes reality daily
Is reality chance or choice?
Who has the answer? …
Thoughts in my head run rampant with fever.
We’re featured on life’s marquis
Worried I won’t get to see the Ganges
I’m the new queen bee of poetry
Every day create new reality
Live to create
Leave the Dead Sea behind
Live each day a new day to create carefree whims
If you want to live free, live free
Free yourself be yourself we’ll live together free in a new land we create in the valley of our dreams

Monday, June 26, 2017


Life’s rife with strife,
got my share of strife
impossible to ignore life’s blights
nightlife trying to hide jive,
strife despite gripes to deny
life on test drive, clamoring to survive
outlive the overdrive,
contrive to connive to stay alive
don’t attempt to outlive the clouds into which we dive
only to insist our offspring live the lives we try to give them
nine to five aint all life’s meant
work all day & strive to survive
day after day, fill our lives with what we must do to survive
Our lives are not always such  
a pleasure drive
I’d much rather do what I love
Instead of what I have to do
I’ve got double trouble in this life

Monday, June 19, 2017

No Looking Back

No sorrow or regrets
Get with the flow
Get where u got to go
Get where you want to be
Sounds pretty hip-hop to me
Battery operated society
Words fade into the past
Meanings and connections lost
Let the world know, it’s time to grow
Leap forward into a world we don’t know
Time to plough through the garbage
Quid pro quo, it’s our planet here
My words like music, fill your ears
My lips, soft like rose petals touch your lips
Words fill you with sounds I don’t hear
Rhymes I spout fill your heart
Be political, keep making art!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Live in Poetic Entrancement

I’m not a rapper or a rhymer
I refuse to be defined except as poet
I’m a social climber, not on a timer
I’m an old timer, been through a lot
Since born
I’m a writer, half-assed extrovert, an undercover introvert
I write all day till my hands hurt
Use a keyboard and mouse to type
Send out memos to me and everyone else,
Letters, reminders,
So busy I go crazy
Live in a bluesday concert of my making
Try to avoid being hurt is like trying to avoid living
I indulge in frozen fruit parfait I make

Grab it!   Life’s for the taking do our best to make it matter. 

Proclaim! … Lives Matter!

I cry for lost dreams. Houses made of stone and glass, all wood inside the fame and fortune never gained, the way my heart has been maimed, my life tamed and bought at the corner store. Dreams estranged ~ caught up in the buzz of busy bees living day to day in a maze on a pension fund money I earned, not charity, driving safe in the slow zone. No airs or golden chalices standardized morphing of reality leave me to blaze on a hot day with no underwear. I fear living dead. Live in my head less than half of it never comes to be because I am alone, lost in a phone yet I want to be like Annie Malone and be me. I want to be her, still I see neither is he.

Change your tone; don't use your phone while we're having this conversation.

I want to be Annie Malone – the first Black woman in the US to take the world by storm.
Found her accidentally on the net while searching for my old colleague Annie Malone.
Blown away in awe, – Annie Malone was ahead of her time, born August 9, 1869 – A chime went off in my head to read…

American businesswoman, inventor and philanthropist, Annie Malone came from a simple life. Annie manufactured products revolutionizing hair care for Black woman. That’s my goal – be a hero, a superwoman, spokeswoman, for groups who appreciate a different kind of Annie Malone, a noblewoman, a strong secure woman, a give society-her due woman instead of suffering anxiety,

Gavin’s notoriety or mine. How much sobriety do you need to see the vitality? Like royalty live by misconception that insanity is the rule of the day. People say they want different, yet prefer compliancy, ignore morality impiously siding with majority, fear authority. Standing in a minority is gaining seniority. Gives me hope that one day we’ll be a supermajority and redevelop the meaning of authority. The Cherokees are the original owners yet were thrown away for currency.

Finally accept this is life and I’d rather do this then push up daisies
Keep all kinds of lists because the To Do’s persist
in running my existence while I attempt to stay cool ~be a shamanist
Get more abstractionist as I age, when I was younger, psychiatrists said I was too literal
Couldn’t see me being lyrical

I preach everyone’s crazy only some us don’t recognize how crazy we have become to survive.

Sunday, May 21, 2017


The electromagnet sitting on the fridge makes me bigger
Carrot juice makes me stronger
Zinfandel makes me grow longer
Broccoli to make muscle mass leaner
I've grown two inches taller since you last saw me
Did I mention ginger burns fat?
I'm 20 pounds thinner in only 2 months.
Ginkgo biloba makes me smarter
All other species of Ginkgophyta extinct
Gingo biloba only one left
Use many herbs to cure my numerous ills
Quicker ills pop up faster they disintegrate
Garlic cures infections inside and out

I'm superwoman, you're a has been
No justice at all.
Need rulers to tell us what to do
Followers need leaders
Like Peter Pan and Benjamin Button
we never grow older
Like Benjamin Button,
every day  grow younger
Soon we won't exist at all
No need to hire anyone for work
Do everything ourselves
Super powers in our brain.
Self-sufficient towers
Of humanity
We"ll be better every day.
Poor, downtrodden humans will survive
Hopefully we get what we deserve

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Do You Think I’m Paranoid?

My water tastes funny
I think they put hallucinogens in there
Who is they, I wonder in prayer
Could be anybody out there, anybody, anywhere
Put a little drugs in water, a little in my tea
I feel funny, like life is a dream, I don’t feel real;
I feel like a puppet swaying in the wind
Doing what I’m supposed to
I don’t know what to do
We know who or why they are who is they
Can do what they want to
Dew drops fall on my head I heard them and they go where they want to too

I don’t know what I mean
Put a little love in my heart
I’m afraid the world’s not just about art
I’m afraid because Edward Snowden said it’s so
They can do what they want to you and me though
Cause we’re nobodys just losers on the highway to nowhere,
a road so obliterated by time I can stop on a dime
There’s a reason to rhyme, it’s a paradigm
Plus it’s so sublime
Stop and suck on some key lime pie – don’t let this line of thought be new show time in your heart
They’re going nowhere too & it’s a different nowhere, 
somewhere other than where we are, or
where we want to be

Tuesday, April 04, 2017


Everyday I reinvent
Myself to discover who I am
I used to be somebody
Now I’m someone else
Lost inside my own mind
I’m coming through
Got a message in a bottle
I knit, crochet, do macramé,
Paint, nurture cats, plants, & people,
I try to be money prudent
I play music to create
My heart beats with the music in me

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

So Very Proud Again ...

Proud to announce again:

Now only am I new bride to Gavin Jones, AKA Dubblex, he tells me I’m his source of inspiration and of this I am very proud. I am also proud that Fountain House Gallery shows his work and ArtLifting is also promoting Gavin and selling his work.

See what’s for sale here!  

I am very proud too, that I am one of the recent winners of a poetry contest where the publishing house, Acquirelle offered a poetry publication prize. 

I won 3rd prize! I understand from other poets that winning any poetry contest and a book deal as a result of the contest, is a very big deal. Again I am so very very proud. I quote Acquirelle below:

!You have a unique voice, a great voice, we are delighted to have created this book for you; you rank with those we consider the top of our published work (and there are a few great ones there). You are a worthy winner in the contest (this collection proves it once again) and it is a pity no "regular" publisher has yet discovered you. Maybe this book will help, it is a book to be proud of!

In about 2 months you will find the book my book, Tupelo Honey and other tales on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram. Aquillrelle will do some marketing through Facebook, Twitter, New Press Release and my own page on our site.