Sunday, May 21, 2017


The electromagnet sitting on the fridge makes me bigger
Carrot juice makes me stronger
Zinfandel makes me grow longer
Broccoli to make muscle mass leaner
I've grown two inches taller since you last saw me
Did I mention ginger burns fat?
I'm 20 pounds thinner in only 2 months.
Ginkgo biloba makes me smarter
All other species of Ginkgophyta extinct
Gingo biloba only one left
Use many herbs to cure my numerous ills
Quicker ills pop up faster they disintegrate
Garlic cures infections inside and out

I'm superwoman, you're a has been
No justice at all.
Need rulers to tell us what to do
Followers need leaders
Like Peter Pan and Benjamin Button
we never grow older
Like Benjamin Button,
every day  grow younger
Soon we won't exist at all
No need to hire anyone for work
Do everything ourselves
Super powers in our brain.
Self-sufficient towers
Of humanity
We"ll be better every day.
Poor, downtrodden humans will survive

Hopefully we all finally get what we deserve. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Do You Think I’m Paranoid?

My water tastes funny
I think they put hallucinogens in there
Who is they, I wonder in prayer
Could be anybody out there, anybody, anywhere
Put a little drugs in water, a little in my tea
I feel funny, like life is a dream, I don’t feel real;
I feel like a puppet swaying in the wind
Doing what I’m supposed to
I don’t know what to do
We know who or why they are who is they
Can do what they want to
Dew drops fall on my head I heard them and they go where they want to too

I don’t know what I mean
Put a little love in my heart
I’m afraid the world’s not just about art
I’m afraid because Edward Snowden said it’s so
They can do what they want to you and me though
Cause we’re nobodys just losers on the highway to nowhere,
a road so obliterated by time I can stop on a dime
There’s a reason to rhyme, it’s a paradigm
Plus it’s so sublime
Stop and suck on some key lime pie – don’t let this line of thought be new show time in your heart
They’re going nowhere too & it’s a different nowhere, 
somewhere other than where we are, or
where we want to be

Tuesday, April 04, 2017


Everyday I reinvent
Myself to discover who I am
I used to be somebody
Now I’m someone else
Lost inside my own mind
I’m coming through
Got a message in a bottle
I knit, crochet, do macramé,
Paint, nurture cats, plants, & people,
I try to be money prudent
I play music to create
My heart beats with the music in me

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

So Very Proud Again ...

Proud to announce again:

Now only am I new bride to Gavin Jones, AKA Dubblex, he tells me I’m his source of inspiration and of this I am very proud. I am also proud that Fountain House Gallery shows his work and ArtLifting is also promoting Gavin and selling his work.

See what’s for sale here!  

I am very proud too, that I am one of the recent winners of a poetry contest where the publishing house, Acquirelle offered a poetry publication prize. 

I won 3rd prize! I understand from other poets that winning any poetry contest and a book deal as a result of the contest, is a very big deal. Again I am so very very proud. I quote Acquirelle below:

!You have a unique voice, a great voice, we are delighted to have created this book for you; you rank with those we consider the top of our published work (and there are a few great ones there). You are a worthy winner in the contest (this collection proves it once again) and it is a pity no "regular" publisher has yet discovered you. Maybe this book will help, it is a book to be proud of!

In about 2 months you will find the book my book, Tupelo Honey and other tales on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram. Aquillrelle will do some marketing through Facebook, Twitter, New Press Release and my own page on our site.

Monday, March 13, 2017

2 short poems

That One Little Thing ...

I lost the paper I had written
that tidbit of information on
perhaps I’ll have to search the garbage again
looking for that one little scrap that will make life
more worthwhile and then I see my
whole life is a metaphor for this search
constantly seeking that one little thing
I’ve lost or misplaced, like the cash that
dropped off my computer stand that day
and fell in the garbage pail beneath where
I finally salvaged it after two days 


Lets all mingle and hobnob
with the bigwigs
the ones we follow as leaders
hope and wait for the time
when they will follow me

and you will have become passe’

Sunday, March 05, 2017

L’Chaim! Toasting 2017

My words like music, fill your ears
My lips, soft like rose petals touch your lips
Words fill you with sounds I don’t hear
Rhymes I spout fill your heart
Lonely, long for love, here, now
Too smart for my own good
If you only stood where I stand,
Maybe you’d understand
Where I’m coming from

Childhood to adulthood in barely an hour
Live till we’re dead under power
Of the IRS, government shadows & showers
Wonder if or when or can it be better
Our minds, thoughts controlled, fettered
Would a chain letter do, a scarlet letter
BE a trend setter or pacesetter

Move forward, be straightforward
Hold words close to our heart
As though words are people;
They’re not
Store words in our hearts
Know we can’t go back to yesterday
Must live with what we hear today
What we say & hear on sad days
Thoughts are transient
Words last longer
Can’t erase words you’ve spoken
Words escape your palate, are token
Leave me brokenhearted
Pretend to study a pie chart

Love is strange,
Life, a curse, a game played on my shame
Kick start my life into another movie frame
Soothe and feed flames
Love claims my blame
My name, my fame,
Life’s games, reclaim my stage & nick name

Disclaim strife – go on with life

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Is It Love or Excuses - will be included in upcoming book Tupelo Honey published by Acquirelle

Is It Love or Excuses - will be included in upcoming book Tupelo Honey published by Acquirelle. I won 3rd prize in their contest and for that I get 5 free books and they publish the book.

First Prize: 15 books and a Kindle plus they publish a book of your work.

Second Prize: 10 copies plus they publish a book of your work.

Third Prize: 5 copies of your book plus they publish a book of your work.

I got 3rd prize!

I have been told my others this is very significant because it is very hard to win any contest!

Check this out on Chirbit

Friday, January 20, 2017

Dream Lover

I dreamed this scenario several weeks ago.
I am with Missy, my young grad school buddy.  She’s with a new boyfriend, someone I never met before. I recognize this as being strange in my dream, knowing she's now married with children. Bob, my boyfriend, Missy, and my son, Joey are all there together. Bob is with us yet seconds later, he is rapping to some chick 15 feet away. I walk towards them, but when I get there, Bob’s disappeared into thin air. 
“Where's Bob?"  I ask.
Joey says, “In the store, buying beer.”
         Missy and I are walking downtown on Broadway together. We’re on our way to visit my Dad who lives down on 162nd street and Riverside Drive. It’s a long walk from Sickle Street (Close to Dykeman Street) in Washington Heights.
This is before Washington Heights became Hudson Heights, before gentrification. For me it will always be The Heights.
Missy and I are strolling slowly, talking, taking our time.  We run into Alan Abel, the big 'Get Even' Scam Man Prankster, Bob had once introduced me to.
I say, “Hey Alan, how are you?”
Alan says, “Hey, how’re ya’? You’re the woman involved with Bob, that young English fellow I met you with in Oxford?” Alan is speaking while pulling out all these stylish clothes from somewhere. I can’t figure out where they’re coming from. Missy says excitedly, “Lets share everything here.”
“Excellent,” I agree, forgetting my concern about where the stuff is coming from.
I pull out a tight colorful skirt. I feel Missy’s eyes on it. I say, “Oh Missy, that wouldn't fit you, you're too big.” I realize I spoke without thinking. Missy is not big anymore plus I'm worried I hurt her feelings. I quickly say, “Oh you're not big anymore.”
Too late, the words are spoken.
         Missy, Alan and I wind up in my apartment in my home office. Alan is using my fax to make copies. I remember Bob putting cellophane wrappers on the roller that holds the fax paper. Later he refills with paper. I can't remember why Bob was using cellophane but suddenly realize Bob’s trying to trap me into doing something sexual with Alan. He is using cellophane to create a tracking record on fax.
Alan continues to make copies using the fax machine.
Alan says, “I really appreciate you letting me use your machine this way.”
Suddenly I smell something funny burning inside the fax and the copy button pops up and out of the machine.
I say, “Oh shit, Bob warned me about how careful I have to be with this fax.  He gave me this long list of do's and don'ts. Repeated over and over, ‘don't use white out, no scotch tape either, don’t touch buttons,’ and truth is I’m guilty and he’ll say I broke his fax.”
         Alan focuses on me. Alan says, “How much do you care about this Bob guy?”   
“I'm crazy about him and can’t understand why he makes me unhappy. I wonder if any man can give me what I want or need.”
         Missy cuts in, “Do you both feel the same about faithfulness?”
 Alan tells Missy, 'No, the real problem is she has not found anyone to meet her needs or make her happy.”        
Alan turns to include me, “But, why aren't you faithful?” 
“You mean unfaithful because I'm hanging out with you here?' 
Right beside me standing there abruptly is some guy who wasn't there a second before. Someone I’ve never seen before.
I defend myself, “Oh, we don't have sex. And although I've been unfaithful, I'd much rather be faithful, but somehow, when I get unhappy I also get unfaithful."  I pause and take a breath. 
         "Is that it?" Alan said. He smiles slightly, adds in his strong pretend English accent, "Well, that's all right then, some people are unfaithful just for the hell of it."
         "No," Missy says, "There's more to it than that.”
Alan has his mind made up. He starts making lists of the pros and cons about my relationship with Bob. Instead of reading the lists, I watch him feeding the lists through the fax to make copies. I see he's taped relevant and matching stuff together to better organize themes. I get worried about the fax again.  
“Alan” I say, “you will break the fax putting paper through with tape.”
         Scene switches again. Alan and I are sitting together on big rocks at an outdoor garden. We are completely alone and isolated. Alan moves closer behind me. The waterfall in front of us is breathtaking like Niagara, granite rocks glinting from the sun, slippery, and filled with lush wild flowers. The view mesmerizes me. Beautiful, and wild, yet tended to. I want to climb down but it's about a five-foot drop. I worry if I can’t get down I won't be able to climb back up without help. I stand there enjoying a familiar rapture, Alan’s powerful energy combined with the moment’s tranquility. I am enraptured yet captive.
         I feel Alan’s body pressing against mine from behind me. His growing erection presses against my butt. “I want you to be mine,” he says. Even though I’m crazy beyond what you’ve ever known before, I believe we can make it.” He leans in, bends his head toward mine for that first heady kiss.
         Dizziness overcomes me, hunger claws at me. My stomach lurches with fear of getting involved and let down again, and still I raise my lips to greet his.
         Eyes wide open, gazing deep inside my eyes, I feel hurt and hunger so deep, and my womb throbs with desire while his erection pulses against me.